CT Guard Card Instructor

In brief, I am now retired from the Department of Correction after a wonderful 20  plus year career. I worked for the State of Connecticut, Department of Correction for 20 plus years. During that time I worked as a Correctional Officer, a Treatment Officer, and a Counselor. Additionally, I was a member the DOC’s Hostage Negotiation Unit as a Hostage Negotiator and an Instructor for 15 years. In 2008, I assisted the DOC as an instructor run a negotiator basic training for the Windsor, South Windsor, and Manchester Police Departments. I have also worked in Private Security and have a solid educational background. I have trained many different organizations in Connecticut including the New Haven Board of Education, many private schools, a large number of businesses, and I have even performed executive protection on a local Hoarders show.

Louis BonitoHi! My name is Lou Bonito and I welcome you to the CT Guard Cards HQ web site! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting.

The fact that you are here indicates to me that you are interested in becoming a security officer/guard and attending our state mandated 8 hour certification course. Upon successful completion of our course you will receive a certificate evidencing satisfactory completion of the course. The certificate is the only one authorized for documenting successful completion of the course and MAY NOT BE MODIFIED IN ANY WAY. I look forward to seeing you and providing you with a fun, rewarding and successful training experience!

My Professional Accomplishments

  • 20 plus year retired veteran of the Connecticut Department of Correction
  • Correctional Counselor
  • Correctional Hostage Negotiator
  • Correctional Hostage Negotiation Instructor
  • Adjunct Instructor for the University of New Haven
  • Private Security Oficer

My Education

  • BS Marketing, University of New Haven, 1987
  • MS Sociology, Southern Connecticut State University, 1997
  • Masters in Business Administration, Southern Connecticut State University, 2007
  • CPR/First Aid Instructor for the American Heart Association (BLS/Heartsaver)

CT Guard Cards HQ

In 2004 Connecticut passed a law mandating the training & licensing of Uniformed Security Officers.

The Act also requires that all private security training must be approved and that all private security trainers be certified by The Department
of Emergency Services & Public Protection.

The lesson plan provided by CT Guard Cards HQ is approved by The Dept of Emergency Services & Public Protection who is also responsible for the licensing and registration of all security officers and private security Instructors.

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CT Security Guard Jobs

  • Private Security Employs more than all law enforcement combined.
  • Private Security is more than 1 percent of the US gross national product and is growing at a staggering rate. The US Government predicts it will grow 17 percent by 2016 or 175,000 new security industry jobs.
  • Security Officer Positions can lead to other lucrative and exciting occupations as well like Corrections Officer, Police and Detectives, Private Investigator, and gaming service